The ONE HOCHDORF project focuses on customer orientation, strengthens the corporate identity and the corporate values. It is the employees who bring ONE HOCHDORF to life.

Corporate values are created through daily collaboration.

For me, the new organisational structure means focusing more on the interests of the customer. We have integrated the internal sales services of Bimbosan, Dairy Ingredients and Baby Care into one department to support this. Together with production planning and the customs department, they form the new Customer Service Centre.

The new spirit is tangible already. Customer Service has moved towards Customer Excellence in terms of quality, know-how and specialisation. This is because we can exchange ideas more effectively, learn from each other and provide mutual support. We can standardise and simplify processes.

Christian Fanger
VP Marketing & Sales Food Solutions/Head of Customer Service Centre

Christian has worked for HOCHDORF since 2001. He manages a total of 19 employees at the Hochdorf site in his role as Head of Customer Service Centre.

Lukas Hartmann, VP Innovation and R&D
Lukas has worked at HOCHDORF for four years. He leads four teams in different locations with a total of 14 employees.

Listening and understanding provide me with valuable input.

The new organisation reflects the guiding principle of "ONE HOCHDORF" very well and has made a clear difference in our company. We have merged the various development departments into one umbrella department. The new structure supports cooperation and communication across departments and locations, allowing us to develop innovations together for the company.

I put "ONE HOCHDORF" into practice every day. I approach our projects and with this mindset, which opens up valuable synergies for me. I also consciously invest time in listening to the employees and understanding them. In return, I often receive input that I incorporate into my work. I want to create a climate that enables impartial exchange. Often you only realise the benefit later when you meet someone else who found that the earlier discussion provided the perfect solution to a problem.

One for all across all sites – and all for one.

I see the new organisational structure "ONE HOCHDORF" as a strong signal to the outside world as well as to each other. The Hochdorf and Sulgen sites should be seen as one. One for all and all for one.

For me, "ONE HOCHDORF" is not an empty term: it enables us to move in the right direction. In my function as an interface between different people, areas and processes, I try to listen carefully. Then it is a matter of bringing the individual groups together to achieve the common goal. Working together means sharing not only the successes but also the setbacks.

Iyke Moneke, Head of Production Baby Care Sulgen
Iyke has been working at the site for about 20 years in various functions. He manages a production area with 25 employees.

Eldin Smajovic, Head of Logistics Sulgen
Since August 2016, Eldin has been working at the Sulgen. He is responsible for a team of 27 employees.

For me, ONE HOCHDORF means supporting and helping each other.

For me, "ONE HOCHDORF" means supporting and helping each other. My actions impact the entire environment in which the HOCHDORF Group operates, beyond my own department. This includes, for example, our suppliers, employees and customers. Together, they create the spirit of "ONE HOCHDORF".

In order to share this spirit with the outside world, I try to convey a strong sense of community to my colleagues in the company. I do this by exemplifying the company values and treating everyone equally. "ONE HOCHDORF" is already clearly tangible in the company. When HOCHDORF has had to deal with difficult business challenges it becomes clear who can best implement these values and who finds it more difficult.

We don‘t leave anyone high and dry.

For me, "ONE HOCHDORF" is more than the name of our new organisational structure; it’s a fundamental attitude that runs through the entire company. It represents our networked way of working and our behaviour.

The fresh impetus in the company stands out. Our two production sites are working even closer together than before. We help and support each other – so no-one is left high and dry. If one of our plants reaches the limits of its capacity for milk processing or if there is a malfunction, the other plant picks up the slack and sometimes reschedules its own production planning.

When it comes to production, the customer is always the centre of attention. We try to pull out all the stops to meet our many and varied customer requirements.

Aline Schär, Head of Production, Standort Hochdorf
Aline has been working at HOCHDORF since 2017. Following maternity leave, she returned to her role and leads a team of 28 employees.