Consolidated income statement

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in %

Adjusted 1

in %
  1.1.20 – 31.12.20 1.1.19 – 31.12.19 
Net sales16)306,199100.4%456,797103.9%
Other operating income17)9940.3%1,4930.3%
Change in inventories of semi-finished and finished products –2,192–0.7%–18,635–4.2%
Production revenue 305,001100.0%439,655100.0%
Cost of materials and goods –210,668–69.1%–377,853–85.9%
Gross operating profit 94,33230.9%61,80214.1%
Personnel expenses18)–39,722–13.0%–50,757–11.5%
Other operating expenses19)–40,741–13.4%–85,754–19.5%
Total operating expenses –80,463–26.4%–136,512–31.0%
EBITDA 13,8694.5%–74,709–17.0%
Depreciation of fixed assets6)–82,228–27.0%–47,891–10.9%
Amortisation of intangible assets8)–684–0.2%–3,708–0.8 %
Profit from sale of subsidiaries27)1,1700.4%–139,001–31.6%
EBIT –67,872–22.3%–265,309–60.3%
Income from associates and joint ventures20)3500.1%3540.1%
Financial result20)–5,092–1.7%–8,675–2.0%
Ordinary result –72,615–23.8%–273,631–62.2%
Non-operating result21)50.0%110.0%
Extraordinary result22)10.0%–343–0.1%
Earnings before taxes –72,608–23.8%–273,962–62.3%
Income taxes23)2,3350.8%2,5830.6%
Net result –70,274–23.0%–271,378–61.7%
Attributable to: 
Net result current year (shareholder) –70,133–23.0%–239,200–54.4%
Net result current year (minority interests) –1410.0%–32,178–7.3%
Net result –70,274–23.0%–271,378–61.7%
Earnings per share (basic)24)–34.60 –164.55 
Earnings per share (diluted)24)–34.60 –164.55 

1) Previous year's figures adjusted due to the change in the valuation principles for the hybrid bond (see also the notes to the consolidated financial statements of the HOCHDORF Group "Principles of consolidation" and note 15)