Key figures - employees

Total number of employees (as at 31 December)391694633
Number of full-time equivalents (as at 31 December) 1360647589
Employees by area  
Administration and Marketing/Sales80158120
Laboratory and Development699194
Supply Chain and Technology728376
Employees by location  
Sulgen 179203166
Welschenrohr, Bimbosan AG2323
Zittau, Zifru Trockenprodukte GmbH229
Apprentices 183831
Total share of women29%38%32%
Share of women in middle and senior-level management19%20%22%
Staff turnover 210.2%7.8%5.8%
Sickness rate, in % of all working days 3.5%3.7%4.7%
Accident rate, in % of all working days0.4%0.4%0.5%
  1. Apprentices are counted in 2019 as 0.50 full-time equivalent and in 2020 as full-time equivalent
  2. Voluntary departures in relation to the average number of employees per year