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The restructuring of HOCHDORF that started in summer 2019 was largely completed with the exception of a few issues. We also concluded the integration of Bimbosan with the move to Hochdorf in January 2021. In the current financial year, it is important to continue on the path of financial recovery.


HOCHDORF was founded in 1895. The company develops, produces and markets high-quality infant formula, food for special medical purposes and milk derivatives at its two sites in Switzerland. HOCHDORF infant formula own brands are marketed via HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Ltd and Bimbosan AG. HOCHDORF is one of Switzerland's leading food companies, with around 400 employees as of 31 December 2020.

Corporate Strategy 2025 – Growth through "Smart Nutrition"

In its strategic focus up to 2025, HOCHDORF is seeking to position itself as the leading national and international Swiss competence brand for technically advanced specialist foods, in the "Smart Nutrition" segment. This is underlined by the new "HOCHDORF – Swiss Nutrition Solutions" brand identity. Advanced processing expertise for high-quality raw materials, state-of-the-art production technology and the market-focused nutrition expertise of its employees means that HOCHDORF stands out in the global market as a developer, manufacturer and marketing expert in specialist foods for people of all ages with specific nutritional needs. The portfolio offers solutions ranging from high-quality ingredients for the processing food industry to consumer products in the sensitive infant formula segment. HOCHDORF is well positioned in the international food sector in the context of global megatrends in the nutrition market and increasing demands on raw material and product quality.

Financial data

  1. Comparisons with previous years are limited due to the restructuring in 2019 and 2020
  2. Incl. impairment of CHF 65.8 million

Key figures in the annual report

2020 2019 1 2018 2017 2016
Processed milk and whey in tonnes 376,009 677,845 661,017 650,017 741,769
Products sold, in tonnes 80,732 162,093 154,609 190,499 237,054
Total assets (in TCHF) 323,838 455,572 575,231 582,270 425,474
Equity ratio  55.8% 56.6% 48.8% 53.10% 10.80%
Cash flow from operating activities (in TCHF) –11,325 –15,430 –81,279 6,019 24,227
Market capitalisation (in TCHF) 135,991 146,296 146,346 410,700 444,417
Share price as at 31.12. in CHF 63.20 83.20 102.00 286.25 309.75
Earnings per share in CHF  –34.60 –164.55 2.02 18.43 14.12
Staffing levels at 31.12. 391 618 694 695 633
  1. Previous year's figures adjusted due to the change in the valuation principles for the hybrid bond (see also the notes to the consolidated financial statements of the HOCHDORF Group "Principles of consolidation" and note 15)

Market data

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