Consolidated statement of changes in equity

Treasury sharesCapital reservesHybrid capitalProfit reservesAccumulated
Total excl. minority sharesMinority sharesTotal incl.
minority shares
Equity as at 31.12.2018 (as reported)14,348 1–7,351284,369107,589–144,877 2–747253,33127,516280,847
Hybrid bond restatement 58,8488,8488,848
Equity as at 31.12.2018 (restated)14,348 1–7,351284,369116,437–144,877 2–747262,17927,516289,695
Change in scope of consolidation     238,764 308239,072–523238,549
Goodwill/badwill from sales of subsidiaries    –13 –13–13
Conversion mandatory convertible bond 3,236 94,395  97,63197,631
Mandatory convertible bond  –88,163 –8,824 –96,987–96,987
Sale of treasury shares 245–105   141141
Currency translation differences     12812851179
Net profit    –239,200 –239,200–32,178–271,378
Equity as at 31.12.2019 (restated)17,584 1–7,105290,497116,437–154,151 2–310262,951–5,135257,816
Change in scope of consolidation 6–7,115–7,1155,303–1,813
Goodwill/bad will from sales  of subsidiaries–4,255–4,255–4,255
Allocation of capital contributions to free reserves 3–130,000130,00000
Conversion mandatory convertible bond3,934114,766118,700118,700
Mandatory convertible bond 4–110,773–9,122–119,895–119,895
Hybrid bond 5797979
Currency translation differences12912961190
Net profit–70,133–70,133–141–70,274
Equity as at 31.12.202021,518 1–7,105164,490116,437–114,697 2–181180,46187180,548
  1. 31.12.2020: 2,151,757 registered shares at nominal CHF 10.00; each share corresponds to one vote; the maximum entry limit in the share register is 15% of the votes; 31.12.2019: 1,758,369 registered shares; 31.12.2018: 1,434,760 registered shares
  2. Of which non-distributable legal reserves TCHF 10,619 (2019 TCHF 10,172/2018 TCHF 10,172). This includes deferred interest under the hybrid bond of TCHF 1,626 as at 31.12.2020 (PY: 0)
  3. As per resolution at the AGM 2020
  4. The convertible bond has been fully converted as of 31.03.2020 (see also note 15 in the notes to the consolidated financial statements of the HOCHDORF Group)
  5. Previous year's figures adjusted due to the change in the valuation principles for the hybrid bond (see also the notes to the consolidated financial statements of the HOCHDORF Group "Principles of consolidation" and note 15)
  6. Sale of Uckermärker Milch GmbH and Marbacher Ölmühle GmbH; increase of share Snapz Food AG
Shareholders >3 % 31.12.202031.12.201931.12.18
Amir Mechria, Zug20.63 %18.34 %<3.00 %
ZMP Invest AG, Lucerne17.96 %12.23 %14.51 %
Bermont Master Fund, Grand Cayman (Previous year: Stichting General Holdings, MG Amersfoort Netherlands)14.50 %17.81 %4.23 %
Weiss Family and Innovent Holding AG, Wollerau 15.58 %4.65 %5.35 %
  1. The value as at 31.12.2019 does not include 2.18% shares from the mandatory convertible bond (conversion on 30.03.2020)

Contingent capital

The Group has no contingent capital.
In the previous year, contingent capital was issued for the mandatory convertible bond (393,771 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 10).


See explanations in the notes to the consolidated financial statements of the HOCHDORF Group.