Bimbosan Riso PH – for the special nutritional needs of our youngest children.

Cow's milk allergy is the most common food allergy in children under the age of three. Babies with a cow's milk protein allergy require a special milk-free non-allergenic diet. Bimbosan Riso PH – developed by HOCHDORF and marketed as an alternative to infant formula based on cow's milk, is particularly suitable for the dietary management of infants up to twelve months who are allergic to milk protein or suffer from galactosemia or lactose intolerance.

This new Smart Nutrition product is based on partially hydrolysed rice protein. Alongside Bimbosan Bisoja, it represents our second vegan infant formula product. It is classed as a food for special medical purposes.

Bimbosan Bisoja – the vegan alternative to infant formula based on cow's milk.

This product line is based on genetically unmodified soya. Like Bimbosan Riso PH, it is a specialist food with a clear commitment to Smart Nutrition. Bimbosan Bisoja is perfect for parents who want their children to eat plant-based or vegan food or for infants who suffer from galactosaemia, a rare, genetic metabolic disorder. The body cannot process lactose, which results in a high lactose content in the blood. Our vegan infant formula does not contain lactose and is free from cow's milk.


Smart Nutrition – checking the sustainability of production processes.

Smart solutions are sustainable and take account of the production processes used for semi-finished products. Manufacturing powders and mixing various dry raw materials, such as in the production of sensitive baby foods, can require multiple dispersal and drying processes along the entire value chain.

HOCHDORF's expert team has managed to remove one of the drying steps by re-engineering production processes. This allows us to reduce our energy and water usage – creating sustainable production for tomorrow's world.

Individualised and functional – products for our industrial customers.

The key nutritional trends in the developed world show lasting changes to consumer behaviour when it comes to food choices. Increasing flexibility in eating habits and a growing demand for personalised products, such as "functional foods" or specialities like "free-from" products, pose major challenges for the food industry – in sourcing or processing new raw materials with existing equipment, for example. HOCHDORF is a reliable and innovative partner; we look for solutions for our customers that are tailored to the food they want to produce and matched to the related manufacturing process.


Lactose-free milk powder – with a winning taste.

HOCHDORF is the only company in Switzerland that produces lactose-free milk powder. HOCHDORF's roller-dried powder has been used in the chocolate industry for years and is recognised for processing reliability and excellent taste. 

The close cooperation between development and production now enable our customers to benefit from a wide range of spray-dried, lactose-free skimmed milk and protein powders. The latter is particularly popular in sports nutrition, while lactose-free skimmed milk powder is used in products such as muesli or biscuits.

Vegan powder – an innovation for the chocolate industry

HOCHDORF's latest smart solution for plant-based nutrition is a vegan milk powder alternative for "milk chocolate". With a delicious taste, the powder is suitable for industrial production and available in both spray-dried and roller-dried varieties.

This vegan powder fits the huge trend for increased plant-based nutrition – another milestone in HOCHDORF's trajectory as a driver of innovation and provider of high-quality Smart Nutrition.

Baby Care Private Label – focussing on customer requirements.

HOCHDORF develops market-specific semi-finished products and finished products for infants and children, working closely with customers who do not have their own production facilities.

The strict regulatory requirements in the target markets require a high level of flexibility and development speed. In 2021, we were able to successfully develop and test two junior base powders (honey and vanilla) in just one year. The feedback was extremely positive, resulting in the first customer orders for 2022.

Dietary foods – for special medical purposes.

There are situations in life that make a balanced diet difficult. The reasons are complex: serious illnesses, chronic swallowing difficulties, operations, respiratory diseases, etc.

At HOCHDORF, we develop and produce special dietary foods for people of all ages with specific nutritional requirements. Our range incorporates two product lines: PediaMed is designed for children from aged 1 to 10 and Medical Nutrition is suitable for older children and adults. Both products should only be used under medical supervision.

Infant formula based on goat milk – for sensitive tummies.

Goat milk is naturally full of goodness. It is characterised by good digestibility, for example, because it has smaller “protein globules” that can be broken down by digestive enzymes more easily than cow's milk proteins. That was one of the reasons we developed an infant formula based on goat milk.

The product launch on the Swiss market has been very successful. Bimbosan's high-quality infant, follow-on and children's formula offer a "smart alternative", particularly for children with sensitive tummies. They help the digestion of our little ones and take away the stress for their parents.

Whey refinement – producing valuable ingredients independently.

High-quality, functional semi-finished products based on whey are important elements in baby care and high-protein products. Building up our own understanding of whey as a raw material is of great value in this context.

The whey competence centre at the Sulgen site now enables HOCHDORF to produce some important whey-based Baby Care semi-finished products independently, significantly increasing our internal value creation. In-house whey processing also allows for rapid response to changing customer and market requirements. Eliminating the need for transport actively contributes to the reduction of food and resource waste, providing a more sustainable future environment for us all.