1. Group structure and shareholders

1.1. Group structure as at 31 December 2021

HOCHDORF Holding Ltd is a company under Swiss law with its registered office in Hochdorf (Canton of Lucerne) and, as a holding company, directly or indirectly holds all the companies belonging to the HOCHDORF Group.

The Group structure of the HOCHDORF Group (hereinafter referred to as HOCHDORF) is shown in the following table. Apart from HOCHDORF Holding Ltd, which is listed, the scope of consolidation consists exclusively of non-listed subsidiaries. The management organisation of the HOCHDORF Group is independent of the legal structure and the individual companies.

Group structure as at 31 December 2021

1.2. Significant shareholders

As at 31 December 2021, HOCHDORF Holding Ltd was aware that the following shareholders held more than 3% of the share capital of HOCHDORF Holding Ltd directly, indirectly or in concert with third parties:

Amir Mechria, Zug, Switzerland20.63%
ZMP Invest AG, Lucerne, Switzerland17.95%
Bermont Master Fund (CI) LP, Georgetown, Cayman Islands14.55%
Innovent Holding AG, Family Weiss, Wollerau, Switzerland5.58%

Innovent Holding AG, M. Weiss & Co AG, Françoise Andrée Weiss, Hardy Peter Weiss, Claudia Weiss and Raphael Weiss form a group of 5.58% in line with Article 120 of the Financial Market Infrastructure Act (FinMIA).

The disclosure notifications in connection with shareholdings in HOCHDORF Holding Ltd are published on the electronic publication platform of the SIX Swiss Exchange: https://www.ser-ag.com/en/resources/notifications-market-participants/significant-shareholders.html.

1.3. Cross-investments

There are no cross-investments with other companies involving capital or voting rights.