Focus area: Water

Water is essential to life. Not only for the fluid balance in humans and animals, but also for the hygienic production of our products. The use of water for production and cleaning processes in the HOCHDORF Group is an important factor.

Situation in 2021:

  • HOCHDORF is pursuing specific measures to continuously optimise its water/wastewater management
  • The use of water in the production of our raw materials is not or still insufficiently known

Goals for 2030:

  • HOCHDORF has a sustainable water/waste water strategy
  • HOCHDORF works with a functioning water cascading system, i.e. with multiple use of the available water (incl. water vapour)
  • The aim is to reduce internal company waste usage compared to the base year 2020 by 30% per tonne of saleable product
  • The issue of water use is given high priority in raw material procurement, depending on the country of origin