Focus area: Waste

At HOCHDORF we consider the entire spectrum of waste. We want to avoid unnecessary loss of raw materials as well as reducing food waste and the amount of waste we produce. In terms of packaging, we aim to achieve a functioning circular economy.

Situation in 2021:

  • The issue of waste is already the subject of various OPTIMA projects. Projects aimed at increasing efficiency at HOCHDORF come under the "OPTIMA" banner, which currently encompass initiatives in the areas of plants, buildings, production processes, logistics, administration and purchasing

Goals for 2030:

  • Packaging
    • Consumer packaging is made of 100% of recyclable material
    • Packaging for internal processes is 100% recycled
    • Overall, our aim is to reduce packaging per tonne of saleable product
  • Food waste
    • A recognised food waste & loss standard has been introduced and corresponding reduction measures are implemented
  • Waste/efficiency
    • Manufacturing defects are a particular cause of waste. We are therefore aiming to create a "first time right" value of >98%
  • Waste reduction
    • Increase of the proportion of recycling in relation to the total amount of waste to 70%.