Sustainability projects in 2021

Even in the most recent business year, HOCHDORF initiated and partly completed a number of sustainability projects.

1. "Liquid lactose" process to produce infant formula in a resource-friendly way

In 2021 we succeeded in further developing the production process for infant formula incrementally and in a way that protects resources. One such development is dissolving the vitamin and mineral mixtures in liquid lactose as part of the formulation, and not, as previously, in fresh water. This allows HOCHDORF to save around two million litres of precious drinking water in its current product volume. Since one drying step is no longer necessary, this also saves valuable energy and the CO2 impact is reduced.

2. Use of our own WPC45 (whey protein concentrate)

Since the middle of 2021, HOCHDORF has been producing the WPC45 (whey protein concentrate) that is essential to produce infant formula at its own plants. To enable this, processing procedures were reorganized. This provides a substantial saving on the transport of produce from the EU. It also means that whey is not used for animal feed production, as it would be otherwise. This is one way HOCHDORF is helping to reduce food waste.

3. Roller optimisation

Improved processes and increased checks are optimising the protein and water content to customer-specific values. This enables us to produce more products/semi-finished products from the valuable raw materials we receive.

4. Bimbosan sales force electro-mobility

A switch to electric cars for the Bimbosan sales force fleet was evaluated in 2021. Due to the current long delivery times, the expected delivery date for the new vehicles is April 2022. The Bimbosan sales force circumnavigates the earth around 6 times in one year. The switch to electric cars will save around 65 tonnes of CO2.