2. Capital structure

2.1. Share capital

As at 31 December 2015, the share capital consisted of 1,434,760 registered shares (securities number 2 466 652 / ISIN CH0024666528) of a nominal value of CHF 10. The share capital is fully paid up. Each share is equivalent to one vote. There are no preferred shares. The company has issued neither profit participation certificates nor dividend rights certificates.

2.2. Conditional and approved capital

As at 31 December 2015, HOCHDORF Holding Ltd had authorised share capital amounting to a nominal total of no more than CHF 3,184,710 or no more than 318,471 registered shares of a nominal value of CHF 10. The deadline for exercise is 15 May 2016.

2.3. Capital changes

An overview of the capital changes can be found on page 67 of the Annual Report.

2.4. Restrictions on transferability

As a matter of principle, there are no restrictions on the transfer of shares of HOCHDORF Holding Ltd. In regard to the relationship with the company, shareholders are those who are recorded in the share register. A share register is kept for regis­tered shares, and their owners are recorded therein. The company must be notified of any changes. Recording in the shareholder register requires proof of the share acquisition. Buyers of registered shares are entered in the share register as shareholders with voting rights, on request, provided that they expressly declare that they have acquired the regis­tered shares in their own name for their own account. If the buyer is not prepared to make such a declaration, the Board of Directors may refuse the entry with voting rights. The recording limit is 5% of the voting rights.

2.5. Convertible bond

The convertible bond at a nominal value of CHF 50 m that was issued in 2011 was terminated prematurely as of 28 December 2015. Except for a nominal residual amount of CHF 280,000, which was fully repaid, the bond was fully converted. Thus, there were no more outstanding bonds as at 31 December 2015.