HOCHDORF Holding Ltd

Proposed appropriation of available earnings

Profit carried forward38,636,60033,278,766
Change correction on balance of own shares from the previous year 13,9227,690
Change in effective balance of shares from conversion of bond7,8930
Profit from current year3,394,1075,350,145
Total available to Annual General Meeting42,042,52238,636,600

Proposed appropriation of retained earnings

Balance carried forward42,042,52238,636,600
Total appropriation of profit 42,042,52238,636,600
  1. No dividend will be paid on the «own shares» portfolio

Proposal for the distribution of a dividend from capital investment reserves

Capital investment reserves37,594,67921,391,092
Capital investments from capital increase 015,850,993
Capital investments from conversion of convertible bond 40,681,9914,482,594
Conversion of reserves from capital investments to free reserves 2–5,308,612–4,130,000
Remaining reserves from capital investments72,968,05837,594,679
  1. Dividend CHF 3.70 (previous year CHF 3.70) per nom. CHF 10 share capital from capital investment reserves. The effective dividend payment amount is calculated on the effective number of shares outstanding at the time of the dividend payment.