Consolidated cash flow statement

Net profit13,024,22816,138,523
Depreciation of property, plant and equipment and amortisation of intangible assets10,309,1367,181,274
Net interest expense1,614,9342,303,695
Other non-cash adjustments–303,44362,343
Change in short-term provisions–474,1390
Change in long-term provisions983,570–464,487
Accounting losses (profits) from sales of fixed assets50,36288,560
Income from associates and joint ventures–334,7800
Earned capital 24,869,86825,309,909
As % of net sales revenue4.57%6.02%
Change in trade receivables8,658,497–4,619,332
Change in trade receivables from related parties–472,908580,244
Change in short-term receivables512,121–2,092,426
Change in inventories–2,434,816–6,061,922
Change in prepayments–4,315,840–3,864,423
Change in liabilities from deliveries and services–11,022,1263,398,297
Change in other short-term liabilities8,115,9913,016,450
Change in other short-term liabilities of related parties1,5000
Change in deferred income–4,901,1534,879,644
Change in net current assets–5,858,735–4,763,469
Cash flow from operating activities19,011,13320,546,440
As % of net sales revenue3.49%4.88%
Investments in fixed assets–22,211,272–16,952,189
Divestments of fixed assets65,845151,100
Investments in intangible assets–761,912–1,338,560
Divestments of intangible assets0375,097
Investments in/divestments of long-term financial assets–58,391381,009
Net cash flow from the purchase (-)/sale (+) of investments0–15,096,445
Interest and dividends received218,80730,608
Cash flow from investing activities–22,746,922–32,449,380
Free cash flow–3,735,789–11,902,940
As % of net sales revenue–0.69%–2.83%
Change in short-term financial liabilities–5,269,15540,666,431
Change in non-current financial liabilities–31,382,797–52,130,894
Additions/disposals of minority interests in capital and profit2,310,047–211,177
Capital increase incl. premium from the conversion of the convertible bond44,320,3714,876,524
Capital increase from authorised capital017,166,283
Capital increase of subsidiaries due to currency effects–27,1920
Sale (purchase) own shares net cash flow–2,985,676–510,735
Interest paid–1,833,741–2,334,303
Dividend payments–4,133,157–2,872,310
Cash flow from financing activities998,7004,649,819
Currency translation–619,345–304,735
Net change in cash and cash equivalents–3,356,434–7,557,857
Cash and cash equivalents at 1 January46,379,65853,937,515
Cash and cash equivalents at 31 January43,023,22446,379,658