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In 2015, the HOCHDORF Group embarked upon a new era. Its major features are a leaner organisational structure in Switzerland and two new production plants in Germany. HOCHDORF focuses on Dairy Ingredients, Baby Care and Cereals & Ingredients. Annual turnover has passed the CHF 500 million mark for the first time.


The HOCHDORF Group, which was founded in 1895 and is headquartered in Hochdorf (near Lucerne) maintains two milk plants in Switzerland and one milk plant in both Lithuania and Germany (60% stake). In addition, high-quality infant formula is produced at the Swiss milk plants. Furthermore, HOCHDORF has a cereal plant in Switzerland (processing wheat germ) and an oil mill in Germany. In Switzerland, HOCHDORF is among the leading food companies and at 31 December 2015 had more than 620 employees worldwide. HOCHDORF products contribute towards health and wellbeing, from babies to senior citizens. The Group's customers include the food industry and both wholesalers and retailers. The products are sold in over 90 countries.

Our strategic objective

The HOCHDORF Group is an independent global company operating in the business areas Dairy Ingredients, Baby Care and Cereals & Ingredients. As a Swiss food company we are guided by the Swiss values of «reliability», «quality» and «precision». As a company operating in niche markets, it is HOCHDORF's aim to keep the agility of a medium-sized company and conquer new markets by showing the necessary courage. On the market side, the HOCHDORF Group, with its products, focuses on premium markets and offers its customers a correspondingly high standard of service. In the medium term, HOCHDORF is aiming for growth by offering products with high added value such as top quality milk derivatives, infant formula and healthy children's foods. To improve earnings, HOCHDORF is aiming for forward integration.

Share prices and charts

Key indicators in the annual report

Key indicators  2015 2014 2013 2012
Processed milk and whey in tonnes 761,240 506,963 454,647 442,350
Products sold in tonnes 242,821 99,155 91,699 90,196
Total assets (in CHF 1,000) 340,396 331,109 243,485 239,851
Equity ratio 56.60% 43.20% 42.60% 41.60%
Cash flow from operating activities (in CHF 1,000) 18,134 20,546 18,196 15,372
Market capitalisation (in CHF 1,000) 242,044 147,787 93,600 79,429
Share price at 31.12. in CHF 168,70 138.00 104.00 88.25
Earnings per share in CHF 11.73 17.45 6.95 -39.69
Staffing levels at 31.12. 625 573  362 381

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