Sustainability key figures

Every two years, the HOCHDORF Group publishes a detailed sustainability report along with its annual report covering the issues of employees, energy and society. The last detailed sustainability report appeared in the 2018 Annual Report. The most important key figures for 2019 are detailed below.

Our employees

s at the end of 2019, the HOCHDORF Group had a total of 618 employees; compared with the previous year, this represents a decrease of 76 people. Of these, 41 belong to the subsidiaries sold. The remaining reductions in staff can be mainly explained by the restructuring of HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition Ltd. This affected the Cereals & Ingredients division in particular. Due to the relatively high fluctuation, it was possible to avoid lay-offs in most cases during the restructuring.

HOCHDORF has always been a training company. In 2019, the HOCHDORF Group trained a total of 39 apprentices in 15 professions at its sites in Switzerland and Germany.