Consolidated statement of changes in equity

Share capitalOwn sharesCapital reservesHybrid capital Retained earningsAccumulated
translation differences
Total excl.
minority interests
Minority interestsTotal
minority interests
Equity as at 31.12.201714,348 1)–8,571288,947107,589–119,064 2)–3,034280,21429,068309,282
Change in the scope of consolidation     –3,016 3,016000
Goodwill from acquisition of shares of subsidiaries    –25,775 –25,7750–25,775
Allocation of capital contributions to free reserves  –5,739 5,739 0 0
Capital increase  0 –7 –7–6–13
Mandatory convertible bond    0 0
Hybrid bond    0 0
Acquisition of own shares –1,135    –1,135 –1,135
Sale of own shares 2,3561,162   3,517 3,517
Currency translation differences     0–728–728–497–1,226
Dividends    –5,599 –5,599–6,860–12,459
Net profit from current period    2,845 2,8455,8118,656
Equity as at 31.12.201814,348 1)–7,351284,369107,589–144,877 2)–747253,33127,516280,847
Change in the scope of consolidation238,764308239,072–523238,549
Goodwill from acquisition of shares of subsidiary–13–130–13
Allocation of capital contributions to free reserves00
Conversion mandatory convertible bond3,23694,39597,63197,631
Capital increase000
Mandatory convertible bond–88,163–8,824–96,987–96,987
Hybrid bond00
Acquisition of own shares00
Sale of own shares245–105141141
Currency translation differences12812851179
Net profit from current period–239,215–239,215–32,178–271,393
Equity as at 31.12.201917,584 1)–7,105290,497107,589–154,165 2)–310254,089–5,135248,953
  1. 1,758,369 registered shares of a nominal value of CHF 10.00 each; each share corresponds to one vote; the maximum entry limit in the share register is 15% of the votes.
  2. Thereof non-distributable legal reserves TCHF 10,172 (previous year: TCHF 10,172).
Shareholders >3%SharePrior year
Amir Mechria, Zug18.34%<3.00%
Stichting General Holdings, Amsterdam17.64%4.23%
ZMP Invest AG, Lucerne12.23%14.51%
Family Weiss and Innovent Holding AG, Wollerau 4.65 %5.35%
Taaleri Plc., Helsinki<3.00%3.14%
Gruppe Maurer, Hunzenschwil<3.00%3.04%

Contingent capital

The Group has contingent capital in the nominal amount of CHF 3,937,710 corresponding to 393,771 registered shares at a nominal value of CHF 10 each, which is connected to the outstanding mandatory convertible bond.


See explanations in the notes to the financial statements, point 15.