HOCHDORF Holding Ltd

Proposed appropriation of available earnings

Profit carried forward42,095,26451,735,700
Change correction on balance of own shares from the previous year 1)0140,060
Profit current year–207,511,105–9,780,496
Total available to Annual General Meeting–166,415,84042,095,264

Motion concerning the proposed appropriation of available earnings

Balance carried forward–165,415,84042,095,264
Total appropriation of profit–165,415,84042,095,264
  1. No dividend will be paid on the «own shares» balance

Proposal for the distribution of a dividend from reserves from capital investments

Reserves from capital investments60,242,66960,242,669
Capital investments from conversion of convertible bond 2)94,395,2870
Remaining reserves from capital investments154,637,95660,242,669
  1. Conversions of nominal CHF 98,595,000 took place until 31.12.2019. Settlement of issue tax on conversion with capital contribution.