9. Information policy

Guidelines for Investor Relations: HOCHDORF maintains open and continuous communication with shareholders, potential investors and other interest groups. The aim is to provide timely, up-to-date, and transparent information about the company, its strategy and business development, and to offer a true and accurate picture of the past and current performance of HOCHDORF and its outlook for the future. This picture is intended to reflect the current assessment of the Group by the Board of Directors and Group Management.

In keeping with regulations prescribed by the SIX Swiss Exchange, HOCHDORF publishes a comprehensive Annual Report that includes business activities, Corporate Governance, the Remuneration Report and financial reporting that is generated and audited in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER. A half-year report is also produced in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER guidelines. In addition, press releases about events relevant to the stock exchange, such as acquisitions, minority or majority investments, joint ventures and alliances, are published in accordance with the ad-hoc publicity guidelines.

The CEO, the CFO and the Head of Corporate Communications are responsible for communication with investors. During the course of the year, this group meets with institutional investors, presents its results and conducts road shows. HOCHDORF uses the Internet to provide information quickly, simultaneously and consistently. The Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce is the publication medium of HOCHDORF Holding Ltd.


Press releases and investor information are available at the following link:

Shareholders and others who are interested in HOCHDORF can also subscribe to a newsletter that provides ad-hoc notifications and press releases:

Further information on the Group is available online at www.hochdorf.com. Reports to the SIX Exchange Regulation about shareholdings that exceed the reportable voting right limits can be found on the following Internet page: https://www.six-exchange-regulation.com/en/home/publications/significant-shareholders.html.

In 2019 several changes to shareholdings took place at HOCHDORF Holding Ltd and had to be reported.

Contact for investor relations:

HOCHDORF Holding Ltd, Investor Relations, Siedereistrasse 9,CH-6280 Hochdorf, Switzerland. Tel. +41 41 914 65 62,
E-mail: ir@hochdorf.com.

The Annual General Meeting will take place on 30 June 2020. Shareholders recorded in the share register will receive an invitation to the Annual General Meeting by mail.

The next business results (Interim Report 2020) will be published on Monday, 17 August 2020.