Consolidated cash flow statement

Consolidated net profit11,038,9034,116,696
Depreciation on property, plant and equipment and amortisation of intangible assets5,338,3394,821,083
Net interest expense470,1311,106,571
Other non-cash adjustments67,139-80,527
Change in short-term provisions0-70,904
Change in long-term provisions455,490-1,193,363
Accounting losses (profits) from sales of fixed assets4,27842,539
Income from associates and joint ventures-180,939-288,942
Earned capital17,193,3418,453,153
As % of net sales revenue6.30%3.00%
Change in trade receivables-939,30118,066,384
Change in trade receivables from related parties-2,996,201-1,996,762
Change in other short-term receivables-3,062,466-10,700,397
Change in inventories-19,524,372-3,661,669
Change in prepayments and accrued income-2,026,712-11,329,249
Change in trade liabilities-7,095,333-28,145,567
Change in other current liabilities-625,25619,766,233
Change in other current liabilities to related parties344,2990
Change in accrued liabilities and deferred income1,684,935-2,248,800
Change in net current assets-34,240,408-20,249,826
Cash flow from operating activities-17,047,067-11,796,673
As % of net sales revenue-6.25%-4.19 %
Investments in fixed assets-11,432,255-10,430,643
Divestments of fixed assets532,70426,592
Investments in intangible assets-98,504-603,219
Divestments of intangible assets0119,039
Divestments of long-term financial assets87324,444
Interest and dividends received from financial assets86,770
Cash flow from investing activities-10,997,174-10,857,017
Free cash flow-28,044,241-22,653,690
As % of net sales revenue-10.28%-8.05 %
Change in short-term financial liabilities4,579,631-7,118,423
Change in non-current financial liabilities14,956,0360
Additions/disposals of minority interests in capital and profit02,072,165
Capital increase incl. premium from conversion of convertible bonds Agio aus Wandlung Wandelanleihe01,220,907
Capital increase-49,88410,890,596
Capital increase at subsidiaries, currency translation difference0-11,500
Sale (purchase) own shares net cash flow-515,690659,018
Interest paid-470,139-1,113,341
Dividend payments-5,216,023-4,118,185
Cash flow from financing activities13,283,9322,481,237
Currency translation24,9641,367,393
Net change in cash flow and cash equivalents-14,735,345-18,805,059
Cash and cash equivalents at 1 January43,023,22446,379,658
Cash and cash equivalents at 30 June28,287,87927,574,599