Consolidated statement of changes in equity

Share capitalOwn sharesCapital reservesRetained earningsAccumulated
currency translation

Total excl.



Total incl.


Equity as at 31/12/201410,709-70364,81363,439-2,140136,1177,051143,168
Change in the scope of consolidation044
Allocation of capital investments
to free reserves
Conversion of convertible bonds88210,00810,89110,891
Capital increase-11-111,2171,206
Acquisition of own shares-2,116-2,116-2,116
Sale of own shares2,757182,7752,775
Currency translation differences-3,258-3,258-969-4,227
Parent company dividends-4,118-4,118-4,118
Net profit 4,0384,038784,117
Equity as at 30/6/201511,592-6270,69767,489-5,398144,3187,381151,699
Equity as at 31/12/201514,348-3,814101,49076,972-4,410184,5858,203192,788
Allocation of capital investments
to free reserves
Capital increase-49-490-49
Acquisition of own shares-1,613-1,613-1,613
Sale of own shares9141831,0971,097
Currency translation differences-86-86-36-122
Parent company dividends-5,216-5,216-5,216
Net profit 10,76510,76527411,039
Equity as at 30/6/201614,348 1-4,51396,31587,830 2-4,496189,4838,441197,924
  1. 1,434,760 registered shares at nominal CHF 10.00; each share corresponds to one vote; the maximum entry limit in the share register is 5% of the votes.
  2. Thereof non-distributable legal reserves TCHF 10,172 (previous year: TCHF 10,172).

Contingent capital

The Group does not have contingent capital.

Authorised capital

The Group does not have authorised capital.