Organic quality foods – even for our smallest ones.

Natural alternatives

The experts around the world agree: breastfeeding promotes optimal growth, age-appropriate development and the health of babies. It also has short-term and longterm benefits for the mother and child. HOCHDORF supports this global recommendation entirely: breast feeding provides the best nutrition for babies.

But what if a child cannot be breast fed and relies on bottle feeding or a combination of the two? And if the parents also place value on organic nutrition?

Since our company was first founded, we at HOCHDORF have given a lot of thought to various types of nutrition as well as to the physiological aspects of nutrition, incorporating these specific requirements into our product development – including the use of organic ingredients in infant formula.

Focussing on organic quality

We were one of the first companies to supply organic infant formula in Switzerland and we have been producing, marketing and exporting these products since the 1990s. Infant formula production is always governed by very strict laws, recommendations and guidelines. While both conventional and organic infant formula are subject to food laws, the organic line must also meet additional organic regulations.

In addition to producing organic infant and follow-on formula, HOCHDORF also provides other high-quality children’s specialities. Our cereals are perfect for infants from the age of 6 months, available in different varieties. Our dried fruits and vegetables are an ideal addition to the diets of children from the age of three. We see it as our responsibility to offer healthy food not only for infants, but also for toddlers and older children. A balanced diet in childhood lays the foundation for good health in later life.

Milk fat – better than its reputation

Milk fat has been classed as unhealthy for several decades. We now know that this assumption was wrong. A large-scale study had previously showed a connection between heart attacks and saturated fatty acids. The results of the study triggered an anti-fat theory, which continues to have an impact today.

Animal fats in particular, including milk fats, were criticised for their high content of saturated fatty acids. In the meantime, however, new studies have clearly shown that saturated fatty acids per se do not lead to heart attacks. Milk and milk products also contain small amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. A further advantage are their natural ingredients such as proteins, vitamins and calcium.

A cross-comparison covering all continents and 14 different countries shows that milk and dairy products play an important role in diets everywhere. A healthy diet can also include whole milk and normal-fat dairy products.

Love of nature – more and more parents prefer to buy organically-grown foods for their children. HOCHDORF organic products make this possible from the very first months of a child‘s life.