Key figures - employees

Total number of employees (as at 31 December)694633390
Number of full-time equivalents (as at 31 December) 1647589364
Employees by area  
Administration and Marketing/Sales15812069
Laboratory and Development919452
Production 362343190
Supply Chain and Technology 837635
Employees by location  
Sulgen 203166151
Medeikiai, UAB HOCHDORF Baltic Milk5244
Marbach, Marbacher Ölmühle GmbH1514 
Prenzlau, Uckermärker Milch GmbH163184 
Cape Town, HOCHDORF South Africa Ltd135 
Zittau, Zifru Trockenprodukte GmbH29
Welschenrohr, Bimbosan AG23
Sousse, Pharmalys Tunisie S.à.r.l.13
Tunis, Pharmalys Africa S.à.r.l.15
Hochdorf, Snapz Foods AG3
Apprentices 383111
Total share of women 38%32%28%
Share of women in middle and senior-level management20%22%18%
Staff turnover 27.8%5.85%6.65%
Sickness rate, in % of all working days 33.74%4.70%1.14%
Accident rate, in % of all working days0.38%0.52%0.66%
  1. Apprentices are counted as 0.50 full-time equivalent.
  2. Voluntary departures in relation to the average number of employees per year.
  3. First figures for companies abroad.