Consolidated cash flow statement

 01.01.21 – 30.06.2201.01.21 – 30.06.21
Net profit–18,256–9,046
Depreciation of fixed assets and amortisation of intangible assets5,2735,776
Net interest expense1,0592,627
Other non-cash adjustments1,5361,879
Change in provisions891–437
Income from associates and joint ventures–175–108
Cash flow from operating activities before changes in working capital–9,672690
As % of net sales revenue–6.64%0.49%
Change in accounts receivables71512,815
Change in other receivables and accrued income843–8,985
Change in inventories–13,491–28,803
Change in trade payables–7599,118
Change in other liabilities and deferred income10,0097,253
Change in net current assets–2,683–8,602
Cash flow from operating activities–12,355–7,912
In % of net sales revenue–8.48%–5.64%
Investments in fixed assets and intangible assets–802–2,063
Investments in/divestment of long-term financial assets–3181
Cash flow from investing activities–833–1,982
Free cash flow–13,187–9,895
In % of net sales revenue–9.05%–7.05%
Change in short-term financial liabilities–5912,000
Change in long-term financial liabilities10,000–2,000
Change in minority interests in capital and profit490
Interest paid–1,060–3,621
Cash flow from financing activities8,9316,379
Currency translation156–215
Net change in cash and cash equivalents–4,101–3,730
Cash and cash equivalents at 1 January24,28512,411
Cash and cash equivalents at 30 June20,1848,681

The figures were recorded to the nearest centime, but not shown. Rounding differences may therefore occur.