Key figures – Annual Report (30 June)

Key figures30.6.202230.06.202130.06.2020
Net sales (TCHF)145,715140,293158,289242,864281,594
   of which Net sales Food Solutions (TCHF) 1)118,301112,434120,681201,934188,164
   of which Net sales Baby Care (TCHF)27,41427,85937,60830,28977,083
   of which Net sales Others (TCHF)00010,64116,347
EBIT (TCHF)–15,926–8,6041,158–52,3902,932
Net result (TCHF)–18,256–9,046–3,996–63,631–2,198
Total assets (TCHF)295,358339,037418,552564,289586,685
Equity ratio55.9%50.6%56.8%38.5%45.82%
Cash Flow from operating activities (TCHF)–12,355–7,912–15,094–29,029–114,305
Market capitalisation (TCHF)80,261123,950131,903154,954403,885
Share price as 30.06. (CHF)37.3057.5061.30108.00281.50
Earnings per share basic (CHF) 2)–8.63–4.24–1.93–30.89–1.59
Earnings per share diluted (CHF) 2)–8.63–4.24–1.93–30.89–1.59
Staffing level at 30.06.369390427666678

1) The business segment Food Solutions was reported as Dairy Ingredients until 2020
2) Comparison period 2020 adjusted due to the change in valuation principles for the hybrid bond  (see also the notes to the consolidated financial statements as of 30.06.2021 of HOCHDORF Group)


Financial data (30 June)

1) Comparisons with previous years are limited due to the restructuring in 2019 and 2020