Consolidated income statement


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In %20201
In %
  01.01.21 – 30.06.21 01.01.20 – 30.06.20 
Net sales 5)140,29382.6%158,28990.3%
Other operating income8950.5%4600.3%
Change in inventories of semi-finished and finished products28,72216.9%16,4619.4%
Production revenue 169,910100.0%175,210100.0%
Cost of materials and goods –133,501–78.6%–127,114–72.5%
Gross operating profit 36,40821.4%48,09627.5%
Personnel expenses–19,532–11.5%–21,535–12.3%
Other operating expenses–19,705–11.6%–21,576–12.3%
Total operating expenses –39,237–23.1%–43,111–24.6%
EBITDA –2,829–1.7%4,9852.8%
Depreciation of fixed assets –5,567–3.3%–7,208–4.1%
Amortisation of intangible assets –209–0.1%–341–0.2%
Profit from sale of subsidiaries00.0%3,7222.1%
EBIT –8,604–5.1%1,1580.7%
Income from associates and joint ventures1080.1%1520.1%
Financial result–941–0.6%–4,247–2.4%
Ordinary result –9,438–5.6%–2,937–1.7%
Non-operating result350.0%90.0%
Extraordinary result00.0%–70.0%
Earnings before taxes –9,403–5.5%–2,934–1.7%
Income taxes356–0.2%–1,061–0.6%
Net result –9,046–5.3%–3,996–2.3%
Attributable to:     
Net result current year (shareholder) –8,996–5.3%–3,858–2.2%
Net result current year (minority interests) –500.0%–138–0.1%
Net result –9,046–5.3%–3,996–2.3%
Earnings per share (basic)6)–4.24–1.90
Earnings per share (diluted)6)–4.24–1.90

1) Comparative period previous year adjusted due to change in valuation principles for the hybrid bond (see Notes to the consolidated half-year financial statements of the HOCHFORF Group as per 30.06.2021)