Consolidated cash flow statement

01.01.20 – 30.06.2001.01.19 – 30.06.19
Net profit–4,050,124–63,631,473
Depreciation of fixed assets and amortisation of intangible assets7,549,20313,436,614
Impairment of shareholdings–3,732,808–446,829
Currency effect on sale of shareholdings428,140–21,162
Net interest expense2,934,7501,539,023
Other non-cash adjustments1,731,226–2,778,857
Change in short-term provisions–4,566,015
Change in long-term provisions718,51149,154,384
Accounting losses (profits) from sales of fixed assets7,0121,360
Income from associates and joint ventures–151,860–209,473
Cash flow from operating activities before changes in working capital868,035–2,959,134
As % of net sales revenue0.55%–1.22%
Change in accounts receivables–2,060,8503,723,130
Change in accounts receivables from related parties–759,1831,888,507
Change in accounts receivables from associated parties5,286,278–6,939,250
Change in other short-term receivables–3,937,735–10,161,580
Change in other short-term receivables from related parties223,84166,957
Change in inventories–16,867,534–10,760,717
Change in accrued income–8,582,5778,005,339
Change in trade payables–1,811,566–7,898,822
Change in trade payables to related parties–2,043,515–1,431,017
Change in trade payables to associated companies–419,94362,131
Change in other short-term liabilities3,661,178624,608
Change in other short-term liabilities to related parties –162,589–5,466,807
Change in accrued liabilities and deferred income11,511,7992,218,018
Change in net current assets–15,962,396–26,069,503
Cash flow from operating activities–15,094,361–29,028,636
In % of net sales revenue–9.54%–11.95%
Investments in fixed assets–1,580,088–4,401,389
Divestments of fixed assets11,1426,625
Investments in intangible assets–87,849–245,187
Investments in/divestment of long-term financial assets–58,241–66,766
Net cash flow from the purchase (–) / sale (+) of investments19,713,925302,611
Interest and dividends received38931
Cash flow from investing activities17,998,927–4,403,175
Free cash flow2,904,566–33,431,812
In % of net sales revenue1.83%–13.77%
Change in short-term financial liabilities–7,219,0542,395,256
Change in long-term financial liabilities2,832,74619,493,163
Additions/disposals of minority interests in capital and profit–38,067–14,096
Mandatory convertible bond–9,122,3040
Capital increase including conversion of convertible bond7,926,9870
Sale (purchase) of treasury shares net cash flow–100235,447
Interest paid–7,783,691–8,383,251
Dividend payments00
Cash flow from financing activities–13,403,48213,726,519
Currency translation43,52713,330
Net change in cash and cash equivalents–10,455,389–19,691,963
Cash and cash equivalents at 1 January20,432,28230,784,059
Cash and cash equivalents at 30 June9,976,89311,092,097