Sustainability key figures

Every two years, the HOCHDORF Group publishes a sustainability report along with its annual report, covering the issues of employees, energy and society. The last detailed sustainability report appeared in the 2016 Annual Report. The relevant key figures are published and commented on below.

Our employees

As at the end of 2017, the HOCHDORF Group had a total of 695 employees, up 62 year-on-year. Forty-three of the new posts can be attributed to acquisitions. New jobs have been created primarily in Sulgen in connection with extending capacity for infant formula. Since 2014, the number of employees in Sulgen has increased by over 40.

The HOCHDORF Group is very committed to providing vocational training for young people. By the end of 2017, HOCHDORF had trained a total of 34 apprentices in six occupations at its locations in Switzerland and in Germany. In comparison: 11 apprentices were trained in four professions in 2014.