1. Group structure and shareholders

1.1. Group structure as at 31 December 2016

The Group structure of the HOCHDORF Group (hereinafter referred to as «HOCHDORF») is detailed on the following page. All shareholdings are listed on page 66 of the Annual Report, including their registered office, share capital and shareholding ratio. Apart from HOCHDORF Holding Ltd, which is listed, the consolidated group consists exclusively of non-listed subsidiaries.

1.2. Significant shareholders

Significant shareholders with more than 3 % of the voting rights are listed on page 64 of the Annual Report. Various notifications were received in the reporting period in accordance with Article 120 of the FMIA. Innovent AG, Wollerau, and the Weiss family, Wollerau, form a group in the meaning of Article 120 of FMIA and hold 5.35 % of the capital and of the voting rights (previous year: 5.21 % of the capital and 5 % of the voting rights).

1.3. Cross-investments

There is no cross-investments with other companies involving capital or voting rights.

Group structure